Vinegar to Reduce Frost

Reduce frost by applying a coating of vinegar on your car windscreen. If you are in an area that experiences frosts or harsh winters, you can apply a thin coating of vinegar on your car windows to prevent frosting.

In Memory of Lives Lost and Survival

The deadliest wildfire in California history practically wiped the town of Paradise, California, off the map on Nov. 8, 2018. Among the 84 fatalities whose identities are known, 78 victims were over 50 years old.

See what’s been happening since this deadly fire:

AARP follows residents of Paradise as they rebuild their community one year later.

Windows 10 Essentials

Learn to get around Windows 10.  What is new, how to update your OS.

Discover the uses of universal apps while learning how to incorporate them across multiple technology platforms. Also, learn to transition from an older operating system to Windows 10 while keeping your files compatible with the new software.

Every Windows update gives you new options to customize Windows 10.  Learn what these options are.

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